Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding My Escape is Almost Finished

Wow!  I pulled up my blog today and was shocked to see that it had been almost a month since I've written anything.  (Tsk, tsk, Fran, that is no way to build a following.)  Anyway, here I am for the 20 or so of you who check my blog out from time to time.

Biggest news:  I think I'm pretty close to having Finding My Escape ready to epublish *takes a bow*.  I've been on a wild editing rampage (in between doing taxes) and I'm getting ready to send it out to Beta readers.  I have to say that I really have to thank my critique partner, Shannon Hill, for helping me to see the rough spots and getting everything all polished and shiny.  *hugs to Shannon*

I'll keep you posted on a release date.  Gotta go edit now!

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