Monday, May 2, 2011

Support the Tornado Victims Through World Vision

Today is a historic day in the course of our nation.  Osama Bin Laden has been officially declared dead by our government.  I applaud our troops, especially those who are daily risking their lives in this war on terror. 

I don't want to minimize the importance of what is going on in the Middle East, but the fact is that a pretty important, life changing event occurred on our own soil just last week.  Over 340 people are dead or missing from the April 27 tornado that ripped through Alabama.  No other tornado in recorded history has caused so much death and devastation, and the people in the affected areas are still reeling in the after effects.

Here is a link that gives seven ways to help the victims of those devastating tornadoes and their families.  If you want to give, one of the organizations I personally trust is World Vision.  With World Vision, approximately 87% of donations go to the programs it supports, which is a high percentage for any nonprofit organization.

The folks down there need our help.  Are you ready to step up to the plate?