Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Blog on Blood

My friend Sue Dent calls her blog Thirsting For Blood...Satiate Your Thirst, well I did just that today.  I "satiated" someone's thirst.  I gave blood.  Twice a year my church has the American Red Cross Blood Mobile come and park outside during services.  It's hard to walk by that red bus and not give.

A couple of weeks ago, the Red Cross put out a plea for blood.  It seems that for the first time since 2003 there is a real shortage of blood.  They've also had to cancel several blood drives due to the winter storms.  And to add to the situation, the need hospitals have for blood is increasing.

I just want to encourage everyone reading this to get out and give.  Someone out there is "thirsty".


  1. What an admirable thing, Fran! In this world in which we live, there's never enough blood when it's needed. Thanks for your contribution. :)

  2. I can't give blood b/c I lived in England-- the whole mad cow disease thing. (Sometimes when I get angry I moo.) And now I'm in France. Hi. ***waves*** Found you on AW.

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    Dare to Follow Your Heart

  3. They won't take my blood. Stands to reason though since I'm a vampire. ;D But seriously, they won't take it. They say I don't even have enough iron in it to register. LOL But I hadn't fed yet so there ya go. I do get points for trying thought.